Five Best Places to be During New Year’s Eve

New Year comes but only once a year, and so it is worth to make its festivities memorable. The fun does not stop after New Year’s Eve, though there are many cities, which offer a wide variety of New Year’s Day celebration activities as well. Fireworks displays, all-night dance parties, traditional cultural dance for enjoying all night.

List of the Places


Everyone might not get this, but you can’t deny that New York offers an atmosphere, which distinguishes it from its rival cities. Most famous among them is the annual gathering of the people at TIMES SQUARE to watch the famous musicians and the ball drop. You can book a ticket for reserving a seat to avoid many chaotic incidents in the Times Square. And for an entirely different experience, we can enjoy a nighttime boat ride on New York Harbor, from where you can see the best display of fireworks at midnight on the Liberty Island.


The best place known for carnival festive is RIO DE JANERIO. The celebration that comes to a close second is the New Year celebration. The COPACABANA BEACH holds the world’s largest New Year’s party, which holds more than two million of people on the two and a half mile long stretch of beach, which is a unique Brazilian celebration. Full of beliefs of traditional, and superstitious: Locals fully dress in white, which is believed to bring good luck, and they toss a handful of flowers into the ocean as a gift to the goddess of the seas. The celebration includes a large beachfront stage for live musical and dance performances and a wonderful and colorful display of fireworks at the midnight, which completes the scenario.


Sydney claims two seats for its New Year’s Celebration: Firstly, because of its geographical location. It is the first place where the clock strikes 12 at first. Secondly, Sydney holds the largest display of fireworks in the whole world, the first you at 9 pm and they’re other at midnight at 12, with the famous SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE and the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE making for an excellent setting. More than a million of people attended the waterfront show, which includes divers swimmers and a display of water acrobatics. The Aborigines hold a smoking ceremony which according to their superstitions shoos away evil or bad spirits, and the Harbor is well illuminated which seems to be a parade or a march of lights and nicely decorated 50 boats flow on the harbor.


London resides rings the bell of the coming New Year as they like, to the midnight chiming of Big Ben. More than 2.5 million people crowd the banks of the Thames Bridge to see their country illuminated with the ten minutes display of fireworks. With the London Eye, the Parliament House or the place for the west minister, and the Shard among the urban areas. The fun continues after that too; there are many whole night parties, which take place. On the New Year’s Day, the people of London get the opportunity to see a parade that has colorful floats, marching of bands dancers with costumes, and a procession held by the Queen’s horses.


This is a place where you of the world’s most dramatic lights hit the sky with their lights every year on the New Year’s Day. There is a display of fireworks every year on this day. This display of fireworks impresses each you and its popularity increases each year this massive display of fireworks is concluded with a dazzling of lights like a finale in which pyrotechnic dragon dances across the sky. These events take place in the Hong Kong’s TIMES SQUARE shopping mall in which a replica ball drop occurs in the homage to the New York City’s famous festivals.

Top 6 Most Romantic Places to Spend the Last Month of 2016

A wedding is the greatest moments in a couple’s life. There are months of preparation which happens to go and start a new life together as couples. After having finished all the formalities, the couples want to go far off places to enjoy and make something memorable so as to remember and cherish all life.


The honeymoon destination in your mind would probably be conjuring up images of all the inclusive resorts in the Caribbean or the white-sand beaches of Hawaii. The Newlyweds want to enjoy such luxurious at least once. One won’t find an abundance of sunlight on the beach, but you will be transported to a land of double rainbows, fairy-tale castles overlooking cobalt-hued lakes and cozy pubs where storytelling is an even bigger pastime than sipping Guinness. The Ireland’s most romantic city with plenty of things to be done; yet it does not feel nice


The Acapulco is a popular place for newlyweds celebrating their new life together. Temperature revolves around the 80s almost throughout the year, and the water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The prices in Acapulco are quite affordable and can allow an unforgettable honeymoon even on a tight budget.


The Maldives are considered as a romantic archipelago on earth, with palm trees cloaked islands, white beaches which are surrounded by the crystal-clear waters, no less — along with private, overwater bungalows strung over the sea. It is seen that a few Maldives tiny islands have been converted into luxury resorts, where your every wish is fulfilled, and where romance seem to evolve from each tyke torch that lines the beach.


The images of Grecian islands, most likely you’ve imagined white buildings which are stacked like many brilliant boxes, which is topped by shimmering blue domes with more impossibly blue water in the distance. Santorini has been pictured as one of the Greek Isle’s and most postcard and entire islands. The island is a caldera and the curved mouth of a submerged volcano, and watching the sun setting deep below the horizon from a restaurant in the western-facing town has become a sunset seekers’ ritual.


Set off on a grand safari honeymoon where you can explore the wilds of South Africa’s famed Kruger National Park. Royal Male wane’s six suites can promise the ultimate luxurious wildlife experience; the best part is this resort has indoors and outdoor safaris, which are just remarkable, to be honest, and along with that it features private plunge pools and a wooden deck too. By day, set off in an open Land Rover with experienced guides and trackers to get up close to Africa’s big buffalo, elephant, rhino, leopard, and lion.


Here one can plan a newly redefined and beautiful honeymoon on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. This excellent place is getting an enormous popularity with each passing day due to its natural beauty.

Getting to White Palms Vacation Rentals


The Liberia (LIR) airport is small, very convenient, and served by four airlines from the US.

  1. Continental – Daily flights from Houston (IAH) and Saturday flights from Newark (EWR).
  2. Delta – Daily flights from Atlanta (ATL).
  3. American – Daily flights from Miami (MIA) and Thursday through Sunday flights from Dallas (DFW).
  4. U.S. Airways – Saturday flights from Charlotte (CLT).

As an alternative airport, there is San Jose (SJO). It has much more service but is about a 3-hour drive from Coco on good roads. There is limited commuter service between San Jose and Liberia by Sansa (RZ).

Rental cars

Renting a car may be a good idea as it gives you more flexibility, but you are in a different country, so a few things are different. Depending on what you’re planning, consider if you’ll need a four wheel drive vehicle. Now you’re planning your trip, and you’ve gone to Travelocity, Expedia, etc., and found a car at a good rate. Upon arrival, you get to the rental agency and they tell you that the insurance is mandatory and extra. Your home insurance is not valid in Costa Rica. In fact, they even call it the Insurance Monopoly, and it is, in fact, illegal for any other company to provide insurance in Costa Rica. Don’t waste your energy getting upset about it since it’s not going to change anytime soon. What this means to you is that the insurance will add about 80% or so to the total cost of the car on a sub-compact. I hate surprises, so I put this in to eliminate one more unplanned expense on your vacation.

If you thought to rent a car in the US took a long time, in the Costa Rican culture it takes even longer. They are nice and helpful enough, but will not understand why you get impatient. Just relax, you’re on vacation!

Regarding speed limits, there are police with radar guns around, especially near the airport. If you are issued a ticket, you DO NOT pay the policeman. You will need to take the card to the bank and pay it there. For the most part, the only place you might drive fast is the long, straight road by the airport.

Coco, Costa Rica

Directions to White Palms from Liberia airport

There are relatively few roads, few have names, and road signs are very rare. Directions are given by landmarks. These are your directions if you’re renting a car. If you’re taking a taxi, see the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Assuming you are renting a car, the drive to White Palms is simple and takes about 25 minutes. When you come out of customs, you will be greeted by a wall of people from various resorts and rental car companies. Once you find your company, and perhaps wait for anyone else on the flight, they will drive you the short distance, up to a mile or two, to the agency, and they’re all on the main highway. After you rent your car, ask which direction to Coco for the first turn out of the agency.

After a few miles, you will see the Do It Center on the right. It’s a Costa Rican Home Depot, with the same color orange sign. Continue past it, across a steel bridge, and there will be houses and business on both sides. There is a paved road on the right at the end of the stretch that you’ll want to turn on. Last time I looked, there was even a sign there for Coco.

The road gently weaves through the countryside. Particularly at night the locals are often out walking along the road. It’s dark, and they’re not wearing reflective clothing, so use caution. They get very upset if you hit them or their children.

When the road drops down towards the ocean, you are entering the village of Playas del Coco. Right after the end of the median is the start of the shopping district, there are two banks with ATMs, and the two main grocery stores where you’ll find everything you need, including beer, wine, and liquor. They accept credit cards, Dollars and of course Colonel.”

On the right just beyond the grocery store is the Coldwell Banker real estate office. Stop there to pick up the key, and they will take you to White Palms and show you where all the switches are located, etc.

Sunset Lodge Tamarindo

Picture yourself in a Loft Condo located right outside Tamarindo in the province of Guanacaste along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This northwest region is known for its sun-splashed beaches and excellent Pacific surf. Travelers of every type can enjoy the abundant activities Guanacaste has to offer. And no place could be better to capture the experience then this pleasant and welcoming Loft Condo.

The rental has one upstairs bedroom with a queen-sized bed near the West window and a cozy TV lounge with a sofa that overlooks the balcony. The downstairs living area has one private bathroom and showers in-between a fully loaded “American” kitchen and living room. Just outside the back door is found a private terrace with fantastic views of vibrant green flora and fascinating Costa Rican wildlife.

Sunset Lodge Tamarindo is surrounded by the most famous world class beaches for surfers and an exciting national parks for backpackers. Whether you are a short or long-term guest, Sunset Lodge Tamarindo is here to make your Costa Rican experience unforgettable.

Why Go to Costa Rica

To describe Costa Rica as paradise is a cliché. It is more than that. From the sand swept shores of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, to the emerald green volcanic peaks of the Central Valley, Costa Rica has everything in between. A vista to the town of Los Suenos is a life changing event. With twelve micro-climates, you can be in a lush tropical rain forest in the morning, and by lunchtime, submerged in a cloud forest.

Costa Rica is slightly larger than Switzerland but boasts 5% of the world’s biodiversity. A country at peace, with relative prosperity in comparison to other Central American countries, Costa Rica, has earned the nickname “La Suiza Centroamericana” or the Switzerland of Central America. The area will make you want to but some Los Suenos Real Estate.

It’s inhabitants, Ticos, as the Costa Rican warmly refer to one another, are proud, and friendly, always willing to share a smile. Having a highly educated society, Costa Rica boasts a 97% literacy rate. Quite an accomplishment for what many people think of as a “third world” country, a status that Costa Rica left behind years ago.

For certain, Costa Rica is not in the United States, Canada, or Europe, and that is where the charm lies. However, it doses not lack the conveniences or technology of these larger, more “developed” countries. Once you have discovered Costa Rica, decide for yourself if you have found your piece of paradise.

Welcome to Roatan

At Ridge Ranch Lodge enjoy the natural wonders of one of the most exotic locales in the world. Roatan, the proud epicenter of the Bay Islands of Honduras, sits astride the second largest barrier reef in the world. This makes Roatan THE premier destination in the Caribbean for scuba diving and fishing, whether you like to hook them in the deep sea or take them on the fly. Sail on the gentle trade-winds that keep our climate cooler than the mainland or take one of our boats for a spin. A vacation at Ridge Ranch Lodge provides unlimited possibilities for shore based adventures. It is a perfect place for adventure travel.

The experience at our lodge is unlike a hotel: the natural flora and fauna of the tropical forest outside our front door are counterbalanced by the most abundant underwater ecosystem in the hemisphere. We specialize in showing our guests some of unique experiences they have ever had, and we do it with the gentle pace that the Latin tropics are known for. We offer ecotourism in lush tropical jungles that are similar to Costa Rica, but since we are on the undeveloped side of the island of Roatan, it is like going back in time 30 years. This is the ultimate getaway destination, perfect for a break from the hustle and bustle and our seclusion makes us an unforgettable honeymoon destination.

The island of Roatan, Bay Islands, Caribbean, Honduras

Ecotourism as good as you can find in Costa Rica, with fishing, scuba diving, and beautiful Caribbean beaches thrown in.

A View from atop the Ridge

Undeveloped Paradise!

Hike the hills of our lush tropical forest, go fishing, swim, scuba diving, or just walk on a sun-kissed beach with ultra fine sand so gentle it caresses your feet. Take a taxi into town, the Ridge Ranch way, on one of our horses: Sunday, Cinnamon, and Austin.

Take a horse ride, go fishing, scuba diving, or just relax on a secluded Carribean Beach

Our beautifully appointed villa is many things: a quaint getaway nestled in the gentle hills, a base of operations for ecotourism, scuba diving, or a fishing lodge experience. As the season and the mood changes, Ridge Ranch evolves into your own personal paradise. Some of our regulars make a point of visiting at different times of the year to experience the unique pleasures that the different seasons have to offer.

I look forward to seeing you on Roatan!

The Jungle Butterfly Farm in Costa Rica!

Decades of expanding farms and ranches have severely interrupted the life cycles and habitats of many of these beneficial insects.

Our role in Pueblo Nuevo is to not only rear butterflies to display their live beauty to the public but also to release them back into the areas where their numbers have been depleted.

The Jungle Butterfly Farm is located on a 47-acre tract of land which offers an excellent hiking opportunity through our rolling hills and mountain side. Our location attracts a variety of wildlife throughout the year. The naturally stress-free environment affords the local howler monkeys, agouti, and iguanas a chance to pause for photo opportunities. We invite you to hike our rugged and beautiful pathways to the top of the virgin forest that crowns our magnificent location. Not for the faint of heart! Even the most intrepid adventurer should expect this jaunt to take at least one hour. This self-paced tour includes passage through the fruit trees, orchards and host plant growing fields of the farm. Be sure to look for naturally occurring animal harborages. These “Exposed Tree Roots” harbored a root of many bats. Finally, wander into the shaded and cool refuge of the river walk foliage and return to waiting for refreshments at our “Riverside Snack Bar” and gift shop. All our guests are urged to enjoy the scenic river garden trails.

Our gift shop offers tee shirts and hats for those who wish to buy online.

Bonaire Resort Island Information

We now have two identical units available, each with two bedrooms and 2.5 Baths. This gives us the flexibility of offering a potential occupancy of 8, if desired. One is available with first floor A/C at an additional rate. The A/C in the bedroom suites is included in the regular rates. If you visit our interactive calendar and see your dates available, it means that either 1 or both of the units are still available for that date. If the dates are closed out, both units have been confirmed. Please call or email for additional information on availability.

Grocery Stores

There are two larger grocery stores on the island, Cultimara and Warehouse Bonaire. The one closest to Lighthouse Beach (Warehouse) carries a nice selection of meats and fresh bakery goods. They are open daytime hours Monday thru Saturday and closed on Sundays.

There are many brands of groceries, dry goods and liquors available as well as a great deal of Dutch specialties.

Phone/Internet Service:

Most cell phone services do not work on the island. However, we now have a complimentary cell phone from Digicel available. You may use it by providing a $50 refundable deposit to our on-island manager upon arrival and you can purchase a Digicell card with as many minutes as you think you may need for your stay at many locations on the island. It does have an incoming number which you can give to your family in the event of emergency contact. The incoming number for the Unit #32 phone is 011-599-700-0692 and for the Unit #34 phone is 011-599-700-8588. Please remember to dial 001 before your area code and number when calling the United States and check for your countries international code if vacationing from other parts of the world. We’ve found that the fewer cell minutes you purchase, the better you vacation usually is!!

For internet connection, we have installed the internet in one of our units and if that unit is occupied, there are several internet café’s and public, pay per use, sites. The closest and most convenient site is Roomer Hotel, less than 1 mile from Lighthouse Beach Resort. They have many computers available in the lobby. The cable for the internet modem will be provided by our Manager along with the cell phone and must be returned with the phone to receive the $50 deposit back.


The electricity on the island is normally not suitable for American appliances. Both of our units do have transformers with power strips in the kitchen which should be used for charging cell phones, digital cameras, computers, etc as well as blow dryers and curling irons. We also ask our guests to use the power strips when using the toaster and blender to avoid damage. The electric and water utilities on the island are very expensive. For this reason, we ask our guests to be very conservative with utility use. PLEASE do not leave the air conditioning units in the bedrooms running all day when you are not in the unit. Also, we do have washer and dryer in both units for our guests but, we ask that you do not use the dryer to dry beach and pool towels every day. They can be hung on the line or outside to air dry. Please try to limit the washer/dryer use to one-midweek load for us to be able to keep the rental rates of our units as inexpensive as possible. Thank you.

Car Rentals

Once arriving in Bonaire, you will find several car rental agencies to choose from. You will find all of these conveniently located within proximity of the airport. We have currently negotiated very good rates with AB Car Rental for 4-door truck rentals. They have convenient shuttles which will take you directly to their facility and assist you with your auto rental needs. If you would like us to assist you with car rental, please let us know at the time of booking. We would be happy to assist you.

Dive Info.

All Divers and Snorkelers are required to have a Bonaire Marine Park Tag which must be worn at all times when diving. This is not optional. For Divers, it is $25 and for snorkelers, $10. All the proceeds from these tags go directly to the preservation and protection of the reef that surrounds the island. It is money well spent as you can tell by the pristine condition of the reef and the abundant marine life. These tags are good for one year and will allow free entrance into the Slagbaai National Park. The price of the tag includes a checkout dive. These are done by a dive master, at the dive shop where you purchase the tag, to verify your buoyancy before diving on the reef to insure no damage occurs. These checkout dives are available at most dive shops on the island. We will be glad to arrange your dive packages for you, depending on your needs. We have a very good relationship with Dive Friends/Yellow Submarine dive shop in regards to unlimited air packages and all other dive needs that we can arrange for our guests. They have 3 locations on the island for tank exchanges. The closest to our unit is just 3 miles away and includes free Nitrox upgrades. Most shore diving sights are accessible with your rental vehicle by driving on the main road and looking for the bright, yellow painted rocks placed along the sides of the road with the names of the dive sites written on them. Many dive sites are marked by a buoy which is usually less than 50 yards from shore. It’s a very short swim before you descend to the top of the reef. When you receive our welcome package, we will include an island map which will identify all the dive sites. Books are available on the island that will advise you of the degree of difficulty for each site.


Passports are required for travel to Bonaire. In the US, these typically take 4-6 weeks for processing. Normal charges are around $115 including your photo and can be obtained at select government agencies such as local post offices.

Airport Departure Tax

Airport departure tax is $32 per person and is paid at the airport. Look for the designated booth before checking in for departure.

Airline Info.

Direct flights are available to Bonaire on Continental Airlines from Houston and Newark, NJ. American Airlines flies direct to Bonaire with a stopover in San Juan or Jamaica. US Airways fly through Charlotte direct to Aruba. There are commuter flights from Aruba to Bonaire on Dutch Antilles Express. Also, beginning in February 2008, Delta Airlines is starting a Saturday non-stop flight from Atlanta to Bonaire. Check with these airlines for flight availability and prices. You can call us also direct for recommendations. We monitor the airline websites fairly regularly and may be able to steer you to the best deals at a particular time.


Where do we start? There are a variety of restaurants on our island. Bonaire has been identified as having some of the best dining choices in the Caribbean. Everything from KFC to upscale Italian cuisine and Brazilian steakhouses. The dress is casual, and many of the restaurants are located on the waterfront, downtown. (Which, by the way, makes the food taste that much better.) Prices will vary, but typically a meal will cost between $4 to $30 (US) dollars. Ask us about some great recommendations when you book your vacation.

You will find Italian, French, Asian, South American, Caribbean, and American cuisine just to name a few. Click on the link below to view the Island Restaurant Guide, then click “back” to get back to this info page.


Money is relatively easy to exchange on the island. All establishments will accept US dollars at a rate of 1.78 Guilders to the dollar. Please keep in mind that $100 bills or $50 bills are not widely accepted by most of the island due to counterfeiting issues. You can go into any of the banks and exchange to Guilders if you want to use the local currency.

Visa and Mastercard are also widely accepted