Planning For New Year Trips? Visit These 5 Places To Explore The Natural Beauty


Zagreb is one of the most beautiful destinations if you are looking to visit a new place in this coming year. It is also considered largest city in the country when it comes to the population and metropolitan area. Zagreb is also a historically vibrant city, which witnessed the history of Roman Empire. There are many tourist attractions in Zagreb, namely the St. Mark’s Church, Gornji Grad, Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, Zagreb Cathedral and much more.

In the recent years, the Croatian capital is being visited by an increasing number of tourists mainly at the time of New Year eve. The city offers its idyllic side to the visitors. It offers a lifetime experience to the visitors during the period of Advent. The tourists have a lot of options to choose from which usually ranges from singing, dancing and various other means of entertainment and spend a quality time with family and friends.

Quebec City

The UNESCO designates the Quebec City as one of the World Heritage treasure. It is the only walled city situated in the North of Mexico. The city is considered as a living history for the existence of French Civilization and it also possesses an exceptional mix of heritage, culture and its architectures.

It is worth a visit during the new year eve because the Winter Carnival of the Quebec City is the leading cause of attraction for the tourists. The snow, lightings and even the beautiful decorations act as the enchanting spell for everyone. The city offers the visitors, numerous winter activities such as the snow bath, night parades, snow sculpture competition and much more. The beautiful snowfall during the New Year eve adds an aura of magic and charms the entire city.


According to the reports, Barcelona is said to be the 6th most populated city in the European Union. Barcelona is a city of rich cultural heritage and is also considered as a major tourist destination.

Barcelona’s Copa Nadal is a great 200 meters swimming event, which takes place on the eve of New Year eve day. It is a major tourist attraction. The New Year eve is celebrated in an elegant manner in Barcelona. Cannons are fired and even their dazzling fireworks organized for the event. There are parades on the streets of the city, which includes camels, giraffes, and even the dazzling costumes.


Dresden is located near the border of the Czech Republic. It has been a popular tourist attraction due to its favorable climate and beautiful setting. It has an excellent historical background and is said to have risen like a phoenix. The vibrant cultural and entertainment sources of the city are major tourist attractions.

It is said that if one likes New Year eve, then they will like Dresden too. It has almost a total of around eleven New Year eve markets. The city witnesses a holiday mood. The Advents, Oratorios, Organs and even the Dresden’s churches are full of festive atmosphere. Among all the large German markets, the Striezel Market is the most famous market. It boasts the world’s biggest Erzgebirge wooden pyramid.


Manchester is known as the cultural and commercial capital of Lancashire. It is a favorite tourist destination as it is considered as a center for the arts and media. The city’s extension for the entertainment and sports has eventually enhanced the city’s attractiveness for tourists. It is also a favorite shopping destination for the tourists. The Manchester Cathedral and the National Football Museum are some of the major tourist attractions.

The first New Year eve Market in the United Kingdom was first witnessed in the Manchester, and the market is said to have grown every year. The beautifully crafted market attracts the tourists as it offers international food and drinks and even arranges own themes and gifts for the visitors.