Top 5 Amazing Places that You Can’t Afford to Miss Out This Year

Travel and tourism are a prominent industry in the United States contributing around $1.47 trillion to the GDP. Tourism industry consistently holds top three positions regarding employment in all the 29 states of USA and accounts it directly contributes to the economy through employment of 5.63m people. In fact, although France is the most visited country in the world, the average spending is the highest in the USA. It is attributed to a longer stay in the USA due to the greater number of the tourist destination.

Some of the top tourist destination, which one can’t give, a miss in 2017 is

  • Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida
  • Sportfishing in San Diego
  • Grand Central Terminal in New York
  • Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota
  • Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida

Walt Disney World’s the Magic Kingdom is the most visited in a theme park in the world with a footfall of 20.49 million customers in 2015. The magic kingdom is divided into six themed lands i.e. Main Street USA, Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square and Tomorrow land.

The Main Street represents the “opening credits” of the park, and the train station has the name of key personnel who served this company. Different attractions include narrow gauge Walt Disney World Railroad, Cinderella Castle and other specialized shop selling merchandise and food. Partners Statue of Mickey Mouse as well as Walt Disney are the best attractions of this place for the kids.

Adventure land represents the excitement of exploring different destinations including jungles of Africa and the Middle East. Some of the point of attraction here are the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Frontierland welcomes the visitor with attractions like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain and other lesser-known areas of River of America. Liberty Square, which represents the Colonial American Town, has key attractions like Haunted Mansion, the Hall of Presidents and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Tomorrowland depicts the future as imagined in 1950’s. Its principal attraction is Space Mountain, Astro Orbiter, and Tomorrowland Speedway.

Sportfishing in San Diego

San Diego is America’s finest city, and also it’s finest fishing destination. This amazing fishery is an excellent spot to visit and gives you the best chance of catching tuna in the United States. Some of the other historical fishing spots are located in near the nine-mile bank, Coronado islands, and the La Jolly Kelp beds. The best boat charter company is Constitution Angling and is hands down the great ship for San Diego Sportfishing.

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Grand Central Terminal in New York

Grand Central Terminal, which has the distinction of being one of the world’s largest, busiest and beautiful station, is also one of the major tourist destinations of the world. In the year 2013, around 21.9 million people visited it solely as a tourist destination. Spread over 48 acres and a total of 44 platforms, the terminal, has 41 and 26 tracks on the upper and lower level respectively.

The East Cape Baja

The East Cape is about 1 hour north of famous Cabo San Lucas. It still has the old charm of traditional Mexico and embodies the idea of what Baja California is. It is most famous for fishing and considered one of the best spot in the world for Blue and Black Marlin. Each year the Dorado Derby is held there where fisherman come from far and wide to take part in the is an amazing tournament. The largest city in the Area is Los Barriles. This is a site not to be missed. To book a Vacation Rental in the East Cape.

Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Palmetto Bluff Estates

According to the reports, the Palmetto Bluff is said to be the top 10 homes in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The best point of Palmetto Bluff is that it is home of some of the best beach properties in the South Carolins. The amazing beaches around causes people to fall in over with homes there. Richard Pattisall is a known agent in the area and you be the best person to contact about Palmetto Bluff homes for sale. The American Society of travel regards it as one of the wonders of the America.