Top 7 Most Adventurous Places to Travel in this New Year

The New Year is to arrive soon. So in this year we should enjoy much than 2106 or the previous years. We should enjoy ourselves in new ways and new places. Here are a few destinations which one can go for the adventure in 2017.

Adventure Tours in Cuba

The CUBA is the hottest country at this point. The Americans are discovering in this land what the people of Europe and the Canadians have already known for the past years. They have got to know that Cuba is gifted with locals who are very friendly, has amazing artifacts has beautiful and empty national parks and that too all within one hour flight from the Miami. You can explore the cobblestone streets of the Trinidad and after that a meal of the best ropa vieja.

Adventure Tours in Romania

Although Romania is very famous for the home of Dracula, there is nothing to scare about it. It is a fine country located in the South Eastern Europe. After having explored the Brasov streets and a medieval town in the middle of Transylvania, above to the Carpathian Mountains for your outdoor adventure sports like rafting and hiking. If one plans to be there in winter, there is a dozen of ski resorts with a lot of snow.

Adventure Tours in Belize

Belize is a favorite go destination for American retirees for years long. They go there and settle down in a friendly way close to the country style. But if one has to go there is no compulsory for retirement for performing a world class scuba diving. A guide will ensure that you can get the top diving spots and historical places.

Adventure Tours to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is on the top of the list for destinations for adventuring. The adventure seekers want a spectacular walk through the sun gate of the Machu Picchu at the time of sunrise. Other options like the Salcantay route also exists, which goes through the Andes. A guide can also arrange for visits to local scattered communities.

Adventure Tours in Iceland

Iceland has recently came into the list of most adventurous places on earth. A visit to this place will ensure that you see the major landscapes. Like the Skogafoss waterfall. Traveling in winter is very popular, with the Northern Lights putting on a magnificent spectacle.

Adventure Tours in Thailand

Thailand has something for everybody there are beaches in the south bustling Bangkok with Buddhist temples everywhere. One trip will not be enough to see all. 2 to 3 flights is necessary. Most tours in Bangkok starts, where adventurous foodies can have an endless dinner of street foods. Thailand also offers mountains along Chiang Ming with biking and riding activities.

Adventure Tours in Greece

From ancient sites like The Acropolis and Epidaurus to the blue waters of the Santorini, an adventure tour to Greece will assure that you don’t miss out any classics. This place offers for sailing to enjoy a view of the Greek islands. Some people even encourage you to help to skipper the boat.