Five Best Places to be During New Year’s Eve

New Year comes but only once a year, and so it is worth to make its festivities memorable. The fun does not stop after New Year’s Eve, though there are many cities, which offer a wide variety of New Year’s Day celebration activities as well. Fireworks displays, all-night dance parties, traditional cultural dance for enjoying all night.

List of the Places


Everyone might not get this, but you can’t deny that New York offers an atmosphere, which distinguishes it from its rival cities. Most famous among them is the annual gathering of the people at TIMES SQUARE to watch the famous musicians and the ball drop. You can book a ticket for reserving a seat to avoid many chaotic incidents in the Times Square. And for an entirely different experience, we can enjoy a nighttime boat ride on New York Harbor, from where you can see the best display of fireworks at midnight on the Liberty Island.


The best place known for carnival festive is RIO DE JANERIO. The celebration that comes to a close second is the New Year celebration. The COPACABANA BEACH holds the world’s largest New Year’s party, which holds more than two million of people on the two and a half mile long stretch of beach, which is a unique Brazilian celebration. Full of beliefs of traditional, and superstitious: Locals fully dress in white, which is believed to bring good luck, and they toss a handful of flowers into the ocean as a gift to the goddess of the seas. The celebration includes a large beachfront stage for live musical and dance performances and a wonderful and colorful display of fireworks at the midnight, which completes the scenario.


Sydney claims two seats for its New Year’s Celebration: Firstly, because of its geographical location. It is the first place where the clock strikes 12 at first. Secondly, Sydney holds the largest display of fireworks in the whole world, the first you at 9 pm and they’re other at midnight at 12, with the famous SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE and the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE making for an excellent setting. More than a million of people attended the waterfront show, which includes divers swimmers and a display of water acrobatics. The Aborigines hold a smoking ceremony which according to their superstitions shoos away evil or bad spirits, and the Harbor is well illuminated which seems to be a parade or a march of lights and nicely decorated 50 boats flow on the harbor.


London resides rings the bell of the coming New Year as they like, to the midnight chiming of Big Ben. More than 2.5 million people crowd the banks of the Thames Bridge to see their country illuminated with the ten minutes display of fireworks. With the London Eye, the Parliament House or the place for the west minister, and the Shard among the urban areas. The fun continues after that too; there are many whole night parties, which take place. On the New Year’s Day, the people of London get the opportunity to see a parade that has colorful floats, marching of bands dancers with costumes, and a procession held by the Queen’s horses.


This is a place where you of the world’s most dramatic lights hit the sky with their lights every year on the New Year’s Day. There is a display of fireworks every year on this day. This display of fireworks impresses each you and its popularity increases each year this massive display of fireworks is concluded with a dazzling of lights like a finale in which pyrotechnic dragon dances across the sky. These events take place in the Hong Kong’s TIMES SQUARE shopping mall in which a replica ball drop occurs in the homage to the New York City’s famous festivals.