The Jungle Butterfly Farm in Costa Rica!

Decades of expanding farms and ranches have severely interrupted the life cycles and habitats of many of these beneficial insects.

Our role in Pueblo Nuevo is to not only rear butterflies to display their live beauty to the public but also to release them back into the areas where their numbers have been depleted.

The Jungle Butterfly Farm is located on a 47-acre tract of land which offers an excellent hiking opportunity through our rolling hills and mountain side. Our location attracts a variety of wildlife throughout the year. The naturally stress-free environment affords the local howler monkeys, agouti, and iguanas a chance to pause for photo opportunities. We invite you to hike our rugged and beautiful pathways to the top of the virgin forest that crowns our magnificent location. Not for the faint of heart! Even the most intrepid adventurer should expect this jaunt to take at least one hour. This self-paced tour includes passage through the fruit trees, orchards and host plant growing fields of the farm. Be sure to look for naturally occurring animal harborages. These “Exposed Tree Roots” harbored a root of many bats. Finally, wander into the shaded and cool refuge of the river walk foliage and return to waiting for refreshments at our “Riverside Snack Bar” and gift shop. All our guests are urged to enjoy the scenic river garden trails.

Our gift shop offers tee shirts and hats for those who wish to buy online.